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Notices and Events

[Updated 6-19-2023]


* WE received DEC approval for our buoy installation, but only for four buoys.  We will be deploying the buoys later in May.

* INTERNET SERVICES AT THE POND: SLIC completed fiber optic internet line installation along Lincoln Pond Rd., Lower Pond Way, and Francis Myers Drive. Anyone interested in their services should contact them at: 877-754-2266. We have also learned that Verizon will be activating 5G service next year. We will post updates here as we learn more. * LAKE CHAMPLAIN BASIN PROGRAM GRANT (completed in early 2020): Northeast Aquatic Research's final report is available here: Northeast Aquatic Research - Lincoln Pond Report (FINAL ~ 1-14-2020).pdf. (See also the appendix: Northeast Aquatic Research Final Report - Map Appendix.pdf). The report and recommendations will allow us to begin our milfoil control work; it will also put us in a better position to obtain larger grants to assist us in implementing our subcontractor's recommendations. Early spot remediation experiments will begin in the summer of 2021.

* CAUSEWAY BRIDGE: We hope to have the Lincoln Pond causeway bridge raised and widened in the future for safety and recreational reasons. We have been in conversation with the Essex County DPW and learned that currently, without external grant funding, it is slotted for reconstruction some time around 2037-38. If outside funds can be raised (around $700,000 +/-) this can be done sooner. In the course of researching the history of the bridge, I came across the following old Essex County DPW sketches, records, and images which might be of interest to some of our members: 1) Lincoln Pond Bridge (1930s) plan - PDF file ; 2) PHOTO ~ Pre-1988 Bridge Over Lincoln Pond Causeway 3) Culvert Schematic - Lincoln Pond Causeway 4) First page of petition on enlarging bridge (circa 1987~1988) - PDF file 5) sketch of 1988 bridge-culvert over LP 6) LP bridge 006 7) LP bridge 007 8) LP bridge 009